Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First computer virus

SCA virus was the first virus ever created in order to infect the Commodore Amiga computers.
It appeared in November 1987. and it was a boot sector virus (part of HD's, floppies or other storage device that contains code for booting programs). SCA contained an interesting text message that appeared in every 15-th rebooting: 
The text was: "Something wonderful has happened. Your AMIGA is alive! and, better yet ... Some of your discs are infected with the virus! Yet another masterpiece Mega-Mighty SCA!"

"SCA" is actually an acronym for the Swiss Cracking Association, a group formed with the aim of removing the security software, so the virus homeland is actaully Switzerland. The virus was probably created by a member of SCA, also known under the nickname "Chris".

SCA will not by itself harm the drive, but will infect other floppy disks. If you use common blocks (such as games), the discs become unusable. If the user does not know how to remove the SCA (which could make the command "install df0: FFS FORCE" to recover a 'fast filesystem' floppy), this virus will destroy the newer system files.

Of course, the mega-powerful SCA has produced the first Amiga virus checker that destroyed SCA virus. This may have been a response to estimates that as many as 40% of all Amiga computer somewhere, on a disc, had the virus (another proof of the great "rise" of piracy in this period).

Inspired by the SCA harmless virus,  later were produced a much more dangerous and destructive viruses, such as Byte or Byte Bandit Warrior.


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