Monday, May 30, 2011

How To Hide Folders On Your Computer

Hello people,
today we are going to see how you can hide your folders from curious eyes.

First, right click on a folder (or icon) and select "Properties".
Then check in the "Hidden" checkbox.
Click "Apply".

Click "Organize" and then click "Folder and Search Options"

Click on the "View" card and then check "Do not show hidden files and folders". Then, click "Apply".

You are done! To unhide the folder, just reverse the procedure!
NOTE: This is for VISTA, i presume that is more-less the same for WIN 7.


taio said...

usefuly post,thanks

Lucky13 said...

Knew about this trick for a while, but its a very useful if you're sharing your computer with other people.

CharlesS said...

hahahah, I'll hide some folders here..

Dick Burns said...

Very handy tactic that may help me out more than you know. ;)

ReMs said...

i wish bill would introduce a way to protect with passwords the folders, i mean a build in feature, not a third-party software

Dick Burns said...

You just saved my ass homie! I lost like 30 gigs from a system restore and now this made it viewable again. I love you right now.

BojanCo said...

@ Dick Burns
Im glad i was able to helpe you :)

Thanks y'all for these kind comments. :)

fpotd said...


Marquall said...

lol now i can hide my porn lol

Radux said...

Yep, the same is possible with Win 7 ;)

vinex08 said...

i'll hide my 'secret' files.. lol

JPG said...

I don't have to do this, but it's go to know how to.

Walter said...

thank you for this useful tutorial

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